Being the leading plastic packaging manufacturer of Turkiye, Naksan began to produce carpet yarns by BCF technology in early 2005 with the capacity of 1.400 tons/month to start with. Production is processed in highest technology machinery with PP raw material (resin) varying from 20 to 30 melt-flowing indexes.
BCF, meaning ‘bulk continuous filament’, are transformed into filaments by PP raw material being dosed with masterbatch dye gaining the homogeneous mixage obtained by extrusion method and being pumped from flat moulds.

Polypropylene being transformed into filaments is crystalized by cooling suddenly. In the first phase, the fiber is resistless and in flat filament form. Filaments gain resistance by applying treshing oil on it and passing from hot godets.

Filaments are bulked while being exposed to hot and highly pressured air during texturize unit –which gives its name to the production technology- about 2700 m/min. Filaments are then cooled again after texturize unit to keep the bulk steady and long lasting.
After this process, to be proceed for the next steps, yarns are rolled on bobbins by automatic winders.


In this process yarns are twisted or cabled increasing the tensile strength of the yarn and giving the dotted look in ‘Volkmann and Ritm’ lines from 50 to 300 t/m.

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Twisted or cabled yarn bobbins are brought to these lines after stored for a certain time period. Using both closed and open tunnel technologies (Heat Set and Superba technologies) enables us fast and flexible deliveries. In this part 1.000 ton/month of frize yarn can be produced.

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